A Tale of Two Smoothies: Jamba Juice Healthy vs. Homemade Healthy


We begin this tale by applauding you for your interest in a kale smoothie. Yes, kale. A leafy green you can drink.

Kale is the newest hero to hit the weight loss scene. Food establishments – including Jamba Juice – are adding kale into any recipe they can. But does kale alone make for a healthy creation? Our comparison of a common TwoGrand kale smoothie to Jamba Juice’s latest kale creation shines some light on the matter.


The first contender is the 410 Calorie Kale-Ribbean Breeze. It’s homemade opponent was posted to TwoGrand by user @Peter, and comes in at 383 Calories.

On the surface? Very similar. Breaking down the ingredients begins to tell the full story.

Jamba Juice ingredients: Passionfruit Mango Mixed Blend, Kale, Mangoes, Non-Fat Greek Yogurt, and Chia Seeds.

Homemade ingredients: Kale (2 cups), peas (1/2 cup), one banana, blueberries (3/4 cup), 1/4 of a cucumber, chia seeds (4 tsp), and water.

The smoothies share kale and chia seeds. Beyond that, the health quality diverges. And the full nutritional stats makes you think twice about what Jamba Juice touts as its greenest smoothie yet.


There is only one ingredient that can counter the veggie taste of kale – sugar. And the amount of sugar in each of these drinks is eye-opening.

The Jamba Juice smoothie has 2 times the amount of sugar (and sodium) than our homemade smoothie. Not to mention half the fiber. (All for $5.69!)

Add in the 100% natural and fresh nature of the homemade smoothie, and we have a clear winner.

Does Jamba’s smoothie contain good stuff for our bodies? Of course, and it’s likely healthier than other Jamba options. But do we need all that sugar? Definitely not.

Smoothies in particular can vary wildly in their nutritional content. Like kale, smoothies are popping up on an increasing number of menus. Choose the ones you drink wisely, and whenever possible, make them yourself!

More than 10,000 smoothies have been posted to TwoGrand, and our awesome community logs new and healthy smoothies every day. Come join us, and see creations like this in your feed every day:


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1 Response to A Tale of Two Smoothies: Jamba Juice Healthy vs. Homemade Healthy

  1. Jeff G says:

    I threw some ginger into my kale infused smoothie today. The smoothie color was tragic, but the kale taste was mitigated by the delightful taste of fresh ginger. Two thin slices was all it took for a handful of kale.

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