This 7-Day Challenge Will Forever Change The Way You Eat

Do this one thing for 7 days, and eat better for life.

There’s one simple reason why almost every method of eating better fails.

That’s not an exaggeration. It really comes down to one thing.

We don’t enjoy it.

There’s this myth that achieving health goals requires suffering. That if you want to eat better or lose weight, suffering is part of the deal.

That’s ridiculous. After all, the main problem isn’t making progress – it’s maintaining that progress. And who wants to maintain something they don’t like doing? For life?

Seriously. Think about that. “Hey, you probably won’t like doing this, but you need to… oh, and you have to continue doing it for the rest of your life.”


YouFood’s 7-Day Photo Challenge works exactly because it’s everything traditional methods are not.

It’s fun. It’s free. It’s short.

And it’s amazingly simple: Take photos of what you eat and drink for 7 days, and you’ll eat better, for life.

If you’re saying, “Girl, get me in on this!” then get the app and start today. If you’re saying, “C’mon, how can it be that simple?” then read these five reasons why the 7-Day Photo Challenge can transform your life:

1. You think you know your eating habits… until you see your day in photos

We’re visual learners. Seeing photos of your day’s intake brings habits to life in a way nothing else can.

Your “oh, I eat vegetables” belief changes a bit when you see a quarter plate of green space in just one of your six photos for the day.

Your idea of “enough water” changes upon seeing more Diet Coke cans than water glasses.

Just how many “small handfuls” of M&Ms do you really have in one day?

The good stuff also shines through. You look at your dinner and immediately say “Boom! That was a great meal.”

2. Photos are fast and fun… calorie counting is laborious, stressful, and psychologically destructive

Countless medical studies have concluded that logging what you eat – no matter how you do it – is one of the only proven ways to eat better.

What’s the fastest way to do this? Take a photo!

Aside from the ease, it’s fun to photograph our food. It’s also been proven that taking a few extra seconds to make your meal look good actually improves our brain’s perception of how that meal tastes.

Given this, why on Earth do we count calories?

Reducing your meal to a number takes the joy out of food, puts the focus on your daily calorie limit rather than the actual decisions you’re making, and most damaging, takes a huge toll on us in the form of stress, and worse, obsessive and/or restrictive behavior.

Back to our central theme: We don’t stick with things we don’t enjoy.

3. Photos amplify social accountability, which is THE #1 determinant of success

“It’s hard to go it alone” is a statement we can all agree with.

But medical journals take it one step further. Going it alone is the single worst thing you can do when trying to lose weight. A Northwestern University study published in 2015 showed that “number of supportive connections” was the biggest weight loss factor, by far.

Women who had two or more people following their food tracking lost an average of 8.3 percent body weight during the study – more than double the average.

The main reason for this? Social accountability. If you know friends are watching – real-life or digital connections – you think twice about your choices. You’d rather post an apple than a handful of M&Ms.

YouFood makes social accountability safe and fun. No one judges, there’s no shame, and you’re encouraged to “be real.” If you really don’t want to share something, you can make it private. Done.

As we like to say, “YouFood isn’t Facebook, and it won’t feel that way.” It’s a positive, supportive community helping each other eat better.

And it’s way easier to congratulate someone on an awesome meal if you can actually see the meal. Social accountability doesn’t work so well with calorie ledgers…

4. Photos allow you to end your day with a highly impactful question: What can I do better tomorrow?

A key part of the 7-Day Challenge is looking at your day and reflecting on your choices.

You can see your entire day of photos in one screen, and because you’re looking at foods you’re familiar with – you aren’t trudging through some complicated diet – you can reflect in a matter of seconds.

“I see what I did well and where I can improve. What can I do better tomorrow?”

That’s it. You don’t analyze numbers. You don’t ask your doctor if it’s working because you have no idea. You look at what you ate and drank and say, “Cool, I know I can improve this one thing, so I’m gonna do that tomorrow.”

To amplify this benefit, YouFood has a “daily journal” feature that allows you to rate your day and make any notes you’d like to remember.

5. Every good day becomes a template for future success that you can look back on for the rest of your life

If you’re ever in a rut, you can just look back at your YouFood profile and say, “What did I eat when I was having success, when I was feeling good?”

You can see everything you ate (and drank), and literally copy it. Boom. Back on track.

No other form of logging allows you to do this.

Start your challenge today. It takes just 7 days. What do you have to lose?

After 7 days, you’ll feel more in control of your eating choices, more in touch with your habits, and more confident than ever in your ability to eat better for life.

We can’t wait to welcome you to the community. Download YouFood for free.


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2 Responses to This 7-Day Challenge Will Forever Change The Way You Eat

  1. What happens at the end of the seven days? Are the pictures deleted? Do you start over? says:

    What happens at the end of the seven days? Are the pictures deleted? Do you start over?

    • YouFood says:

      All photos you post stay with you forever (unless you delete them, of course). Once you complete your 7-day challenge, you’ll likely find you want to keep going because you feel so good about your progress :).

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