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How We Broke Thanksgiving… and How to Fix it

Thanksgiving is, in large part, about celebrating food. Right? Well, that was the intention, anyway. Now, fearful conversations about food often overshadow the familial conversations over food. Thanksgiving is a time to be careful, not carefree. Turkey is the judge, … Continue reading

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Email of Awesomeness: Nov. 20, 2013

Here’s the opening excerpt from our weekly homage to being awesome: “‘Sounds cool, but will it work?’ This was a common refrain @alex and I heard while building TwoGrand. Naturally, we had a bevy of arguments and a boatload of confidence to support … Continue reading

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Email of Awesomeness: Nov. 13, 2013

At TwoGrand, we’re not big fans of newsletters. Calling something a “newsletter” implies a somewhat static nature. You think of routine. And thus, most people ignore newsletters. That said, email is still a great way to engage and delight people, … Continue reading

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