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This 7-Day Challenge Will Forever Change The Way You Eat

There’s one simple reason why almost every method of eating better fails. That’s not an exaggeration. It really comes down to one thing. We don’t enjoy it. There’s this myth that achieving health goals requires suffering. That if you want … Continue reading

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If You Post Food Photos On Instagram, You Need To Read This

Food blogger Rhian Williams is guest posting today! She’s @rhiansrecipes on YouFood and blogs at Instagram poses me, and most likely you, a big problem. How big? Instagram will see 2 billion food photos in 2016. How on Earth can … Continue reading

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The Rise of Health Porn, and Why Not All Inspiration is Created Equal

The progress photo has likely existed since the dawn of camera technology, but for all intents and purposes, it started with Jared. Old Jared wore size 62 pants. New Jared looked great, smiled wide, and sold a ton of Subway … Continue reading

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Whole 30 + YouFood: The Perfect Match

As YouFood grows, we learn more and more about what works and how we can help our users. Beyond eating healthy and making good food choices, we learn just how effective YouFood is at connecting communities. At its core, YouFood … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Smoothies: Jamba Juice Healthy vs. Homemade Healthy

We begin this tale by applauding you for your interest in a kale smoothie. Yes, kale. A leafy green you can drink. Kale is the newest hero to hit the weight loss scene. Food establishments – including Jamba Juice – … Continue reading

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The Full Story of the 100-Calorie Pack, and Why it Makes a 300 Calorie Snack Look Better.

100-calorie snacks are everywhere – a full-on food marketing phenomenon. Clearly, they sell well (we’ve eaten them; you probably have, too), but should we be eating them? We eat them because “100 calories” is a very attractive idea. But what … Continue reading

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Avoided Avocados Because of Fat or Calories? This Will Make You Think Twice About Doing it Again.

Give the standard nutrition label treatment to an avocado, and you’ll likely run for the hills. Half an avocado has 14g fat? 145 calories? Yikes. But if we go sans avocado in our salads because it puts us over our calorie target for … Continue reading

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This is What Nutrition Labels Don’t Tell You. And Here’s How it Can Improve.

We started with a simple question: Do nutrition labels tell us the value in our foods? The answer brought us here. Nutrition labels are rigid. They communicate through the same numbers, and the same structure, every time. And you already know our … Continue reading

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If You Take the Stairs, You Probably Love Kale (plus other green veggie insights)

It’s safe to say we aren’t born with a burning desire to consume green vegetables. If we had the same natural appetite for green veggies that we do for chocolate and Ring Pops, we might be a whole lot healthier. … Continue reading

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I Thought I Was Healthy… Until I Started a Health Company

For almost three years, I knew I wanted to build TwoGrand. I wanted to change the health game for many personal reasons, but my own health wasn’t one of them. I always viewed myself as pretty healthy. I’d be an … Continue reading

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