About YouFood

YouFood is built upon a simple idea: Everybody eats, and we all deserve to eat good food.

Our mission is to help you – to help all of us – eat good food every day. That doesn’t mean every meal is always healthy – but it’s healthy most of the time. It’s food you can feel good about, and food that makes you happy.

Good food isn’t just about the food, though – it’s about the people, too. And you’ll find a lot of awesome people on YouFood, sharing meal ideas and food wisdom in the name of eating just a little better.

YouFood is your food app. Welcome home. Get the app at joinyoufood.com. We hope to see you soon!


4 Responses to About YouFood

  1. mythily says:

    I have been loving using two grand. It is one is the best and complete apps I have ever used. So thanks for making it and also I have a lot of gratitude that it is free.

    One question, is there a way to check in for the previous days. I forgot to check in for one of the goals and challenges for a previous day and I am curious if it is possible to edit that.

    Thanks so much

    • TwoGrand says:

      So great to hear you’re loving TwoGrand! We will have past day check-ins VERY soon. The next app version will have it, and it should be live anywhere between 1 and 5 days from now. We’ll also have water intake editing in the same release.

  2. Beca says:

    Twogrand has been great in making me more aware of what I’m actually eating and doing during the day. The fact that you can support others or even get ideas for meals is really helpful.

    I was wondering though – how do you remove a goal from your list? I started with some basic goals to get me going, and I want to add some bigger ones but I want to avoid clogging up my list. Is there a way of removing them?

    • TwoGrand says:

      Hi Beca! So glad you’re digging the app! You just need to go to the goal page and tap “Leave goal” (or, alternately, if you feel you’ve mastered that goal, tap “Conquered it!”). You can reach the goal page by tapping the circle image on your home check-in card, tapping its name on your profile overview tab, or searching for it in the goals tab.

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