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Avoided Avocados Because of Fat or Calories? This Will Make You Think Twice About Doing it Again.

Give the standard nutrition label treatment to an avocado, and you’ll likely run for the hills. Half an avocado has 14g fat? 145 calories? Yikes. But if we go sans avocado in our salads because it puts us over our calorie target for … Continue reading

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A Breakup Letter to the New Year’s Resolution… and What We’re Replacing it With

We love you, New Year’s resolution. No, really, we do. Your heart’s in the right place. You’re cheery. Full of hope. And you always show up – year after year after year. But when it comes down to it, New … Continue reading

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All of the Science, None of the Counting

When calorie counting, you’re aiming for the number of daily calories required to achieve your goal. As discussed in our last post, there are myriad issues with the practice of calorie counting – which is why we don’t recommend it … Continue reading

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Why Calorie Counting Isn’t The Answer

Calorie counting is attractive because the logic is so simple: If you consume more calories than you use, you’ll gain weight. If the opposite is true, you’ll lose weight. The science makes sense. The practice of calorie counting, however, is flawed. … Continue reading

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Email of Awesomeness: Nov. 13, 2013

At TwoGrand, we’re not big fans of newsletters. Calling something a “newsletter” implies a somewhat static nature. You think of routine. And thus, most people ignore newsletters. That said, email is still a great way to engage and delight people, … Continue reading

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Meal Journaling: Why Photos Are Better Than Words

You’ve likely kept a journal at some point in your life. Maybe it was a diary of your middle school secrets. Maybe it was a travel journal to accompany you through Europe. I wrote about the girls who were looking … Continue reading

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The Story Behind TwoGrand

In late 2010, I (Peter) was a few hours into a normal workday. I was head down, buried in some task, when a friend and colleague grabbed my attention. “Hey man, what’s for lunch today?” “Hadn’t thought about it,” I … Continue reading

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