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This 7-Day Challenge Will Forever Change The Way You Eat

There’s one simple reason why almost every method of eating better fails. That’s not an exaggeration. It really comes down to one thing. We don’t enjoy it. There’s this myth that achieving health goals requires suffering. That if you want … Continue reading

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When You’re a Startup, You Turn the Floor Into a Beautiful Wood Table

When you’re in the earliest stages of a startup, you’ll always be short on three things: time, money, and people. It’s part of the challenge. This is a story about creatively working around those limitations. As Alex and I (Peter) … Continue reading

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Meal Journaling: Why Photos Are Better Than Words

You’ve likely kept a journal at some point in your life. Maybe it was a diary of your middle school secrets. Maybe it was a travel journal to accompany you through Europe. I wrote about the girls who were looking … Continue reading

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