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This is What Nutrition Labels Don’t Tell You. And Here’s How it Can Improve.

We started with a simple question: Do nutrition labels tell us the value in our foods? The answer brought us here. Nutrition labels are rigid. They communicate through the same numbers, and the same structure, every time. And you already know our … Continue reading

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Why Calorie Counting Isn’t The Answer

Calorie counting is attractive because the logic is so simple: If you consume more calories than you use, you’ll gain weight. If the opposite is true, you’ll lose weight. The science makes sense. The practice of calorie counting, however, is flawed. … Continue reading

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What Does the Name TwoGrand Mean?

TwoGrand is an allusion to the piece of instructional material you’ve likely viewed more than any other in your lifetime – the nutrition label, and it’s recommended daily value (DV) of 2,000, or “two grand” calories. The DV is a … Continue reading

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