If You Take the Stairs, You Probably Love Kale (plus other green veggie insights)

Recent green veggie meals on TwoGrand

It’s safe to say we aren’t born with a burning desire to consume green vegetables.

If we had the same natural appetite for green veggies that we do for chocolate and Ring Pops, we might be a whole lot healthier.

But there are many people who legitimately love the green stuff – we see their photos every day on TwoGrand. It got us thinking: What makes them different? Could we pick green veggie lovers out of a crowd without gauging their reactions to a flawless head of broccoli?

We turned to our questions data to find out. On TwoGrand, you can follow people at your goal weight to see how they eat and exercise every day, and you answer questions to get better matches. Questions range from the standard “Do you smoke?” to the odder “If a restaurant has mints at the host stand, do you take one on the way out?”

We combed through more than 250,000 answers to see what the best predictors were of green vegetable love (and hate). Here’s what we found.

1. The best place to find green veggie lovers is your grocery store parking lot. They’re the ones riding carts to their cars.

Yup. The biggest predictor of green veggie love is how much that person enjoys grocery shopping.

On average, half (50%) of TwoGrand users love green veggies, and half either tolerate them (36%) or hate them (14%). But if you dig for the source of that love and hate, you find that the best way to divide the camps is by affinity for grocery stores.

If you dig grocery shopping, you’re nearly 6 times more likely to love green veggies than hate them. And if you avoid grocery stores? Your green veggie love-hate ratio doesn’t even reach 2:1.

Chart showing green veggie love, grouped by relationship with grocery stores

2. Proximity to goal weight, however, is NOT a strong predictor of green veggie love.

43% of all TwoGrand users are 25 pounds or more above their goal weight. If you love green veggies, that number drops only a little, to 40%. The difference widens slightly at higher weights.

And, surprisingly, if you are within 10 pounds of your goal weight, you are no more likely to be a green veggie lover.

Is love of green veggies a good predictor of proximity to goal weight? (chart)

3. If you want to find people who DON’T like green veggies, head to your local airport or mall.

Another one of our questions asks for your take on kale/apple/spinach/pear juice. (It’s green.)

As a whole, 40% of TwoGrand users answer “NOM” while 12% want nothing to do with the green juice. The rest will drink it if forced to.

Not very helpful if you’re planning to surprise your party guests with a giant cauldron of kale juice.

Alas, it turns out there’s a different question you can ask to get a much better idea of someone’s love (hate) for kale juice. That question: Do you take the escalator or the stairs?

How to predict whether someone loves kale juice (chart)


Keep in mind we’re talking about correlation and not causation – loving grocery shopping doesn’t cause you to love green vegetables, just as riding escalators doesn’t cause you to hate kale smoothies – but it’s definitely some interesting food for thought. Pun intended.

If we treated trips to the grocery store like appearances on Supermarket Sweep, would we learn to love green veggies a little more? (It’s a competition, damnit, and there’s only ONE prize cucumber that’s gonna make my dinner SHINE!)

Regardless, if you’re looking to make your daily routine healthier – green veggies or not – download the TwoGrand app (iPhone, Android) today.

You can try your hand at the questions above, and start discovering small changes you can make to improve your eating and exercise routine – things that mesh with who you already are.

98% of our app reviews are 4 or 5 stars… and that’s WITHOUT free grocery carts to ride around on.

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2 Responses to If You Take the Stairs, You Probably Love Kale (plus other green veggie insights)

  1. kayhealthfoodie says:

    I think I answered, “I’d drink it, but not regularly”, which was actually for health reasons! When you juice fruit (and I assume it’s similar with vegetables) you take all the sugar and carbs and separate them from the fiber, so you are basically drinking sugar-water. I suppose if it’s veggie juice it’s not quite as bad as fruit juice, but it’s still best not to drink your calories. I’d rather eat a kale-apple-spinach-pear salad!

    • TwoGrand says:

      That’s a great point, kayhealthfoodie. If we changed “juice” to “smoothie,” you’d think about it differently, right? (Our hunch is that, in that scenario, the statistics would come out looking pretty similar, if not even more exaggerated!)

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