A Breakup Letter to the New Year’s Resolution… and What We’re Replacing it With

We love you, New Year’s resolution. No, really, we do.

Your heart’s in the right place. You’re cheery. Full of hope. And you always show up – year after year after year.

But when it comes down to it, New Year’s resolution, you fail. You fail 88 percent of the time.

You fail because you focus on the outcome instead of the process.

You fail because your outlook is short-term when the road to success is much longer.

And you fail because you listen too much to what’s being sold to you, rather than asking yourself what you really need.

So we’ve decided it’s best to part ways, New Year’s resolution. Don’t take this the wrong way, but we’ve found someone better.

It’s not you. It’s us.


So if New Year’s resolutions are out, then what now?

At TwoGrand, we asked ourselves a simple question: “What kind of health-related resolution would actually work?” How can you keep the spirit of the New Year’s resolution, but get rid of all the stuff that holds such resolutions back?

The answer came from a simple, but powerful reframing: Make Life Resolutions instead.

Life resolution photo - I believe in my future self

The annual nature of New Year’s resolutions may be their biggest fault. We all sprint toward that May wedding or that July bikini body, and our behavior modification (if any) follows in a similarly short-term fashion.

Diets, cleanses, and pills don’t make us healthier – our habit change does. And it’s habit change that enables us to stay healthy once we’ve arrived at our original goal. (We’ve all heard that the biggest challenge with diets isn’t losing the weight – it’s keeping it off.)

Habit change isn’t glitzy, and it certainly doesn’t move at a rapid pace. But it works.

So what if we viewed improving our health as a Life Resolution – good for this year, and every year to come? Still declare your resolution, and start Jan. 1 if you’d like, but erase the end date, and make it about what you believe, so it can always be improved upon.

  • I believe that health is measured in added years, not lost pounds.
  • I believe in my future self. I will eat to nourish her strength.
  • I believe I can eat the foods I love and still lose/maintain weight.

These are things we can work toward every day, no matter how much (or how little) we weigh. We can always strive to live healthier. And if doing so becomes our creed, the short-term goals will fall into place along the way.

If losing 15 pounds is part of the journey, and not the destination, then we know we’re not done once we get there – even if there are no more pounds to lose.

Make your life resolution today. And after doing so, we’d love to see you on TwoGrand. We’re an awesome community of people focused on improving our eating and exercise habits our way.

It’s powerful change. You just may find that improving your routine will inspire others to do the same.

Life Resolution photo - 2014 is just the first step

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2 Responses to A Breakup Letter to the New Year’s Resolution… and What We’re Replacing it With

  1. katiemack21 says:

    I love this post!

    I love your approach to the audience and your concise but effective wording.

    Happy 2014, I look forward to seeing more of your stuff!

    ❤ Katie Mack

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