All of the Science, None of the Counting

When calorie counting, you’re aiming for the number of daily calories required to achieve your goal. As discussed in our last post, there are myriad issues with the practice of calorie counting – which is why we don’t recommend it – but the science of calories in, calories out still makes sense.

If only there was a simpler way to apply that scientific principle…

Turns out there is a way, and all it requires is a simple grammar reversal.

Standard calorie counting logic says X calories per day allows a person to be Y pounds. If this is true, then the reverse must also be true: a person is Y pounds because she consumes X calories per day.

And in the latter case, the calorie number (X) is just a detail. So let’s rephrase it: A person is able to maintain a weight of Y pounds because he consumes the right amount of calories for that weight.

By employing some clever syntax changes, we’ve taken the focus away from counting calories and placed it on the individual and his daily routine – all without violating the scientific principle of calories in, calories out.

If a woman is able to maintain a weight of 130 pounds, then she must be consuming (and burning) the right amount of calories for her body to stay at 130 pounds. Her routine enables her to maintain that weight.

This approach allows you to make statements like this:

Whatever she does is right for her maintaining her weight. So if I’m very much like her – similar age and height, similar body type, similar activity level and lifestyle – then if I can mimic her eating routine, I should be able to progress toward her weight.

This idea is a large part of TwoGrand’s philosophy. There are different foods and routines that work for different people, and by understanding more about you and your body, lifestyle, and preferences, we can help you learn what works best for you.

All of the science, in a fraction of the time, with focus on making good (and lasting) changes instead of a daily calorie target. Sounds like a great trade-off to us.

What one 158-lb, 6'0'' man ate in a recent day

A one-day snippet of the routine that enables one 26-year-old, 158-lb, 6’0” and lightly active man to maintain his weight.

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