Meal Journaling: Why Photos Are Better Than Words

You’ve likely kept a journal at some point in your life. Maybe it was a diary of your middle school secrets. Maybe it was a travel journal to accompany you through Europe.

I wrote about the girls who were looking at me in my elementary school cafeteria. They were definitely looking at me. All of them.

Joking aside, journals not only provide an outlet for self-reflection, but also a means of more effectively remembering events as they actually happened.

For all the things humans do well, our memories aren’t the strongest. We tend to unknowingly modify past events as time progresses. And if it’s a small event or routine detail we’re talking about, it’s likely we won’t remember it at all.

Apply this fact to our food consumption, and it’s easy to see that we might not be the best at recalling what we put into our bodies every day. Eating is a thrice (or more) daily event. It’s fairly routine. Plus, we prefer to eat the food, not stare at it and debate its merits.

Thus, we arrive at our meal journaling dilemma. Logging your meals is undoubtedly one of the best ways to make progress toward a health goal. Recording what you eat and drink each day gives you a concrete basis on which you can improve, and it becomes surprisingly easy to identify where you can get better.

But writing down everything you eat takes time. A lot of time. Typing it on your phone isn’t much of an improvement, either. And when things take too much time, we stop doing them.

When starting TwoGrand, we knew meal journaling needed to be a key element to our service, and we knew we had to make it enjoyable – not cumbersome.

So we asked ourselves a simple question: If the act of journaling alone is what delivers most of the benefit, then what’s the absolute fastest way to journal?

The answer? Taking photos.

With that, we built an app that’ll allow you to log a meal in under 20 seconds. All told, you can log all of your meals in less than three minutes per day.

Not only do photos make meal journaling fast, they provide the most powerful visual of what you’re putting in your body each day. And it’s a visual that fits completely on the screen of your phone.

If you’re skeptical that taking photos can, alone, help you eat better, then we urge you to try it for a few days. After all, it’ll only take you a few minutes.

My day in photos

My day in photos: Sept. 3, 2013

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2 Responses to Meal Journaling: Why Photos Are Better Than Words

  1. venis says:

    This is a great idea for a person that’s visual. I’m going to give it a try.

  2. Reblogged this on Simply Darra and commented:
    Love this, so true… Read more of what I have to say about Two Grand here:

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