What Does the Name TwoGrand Mean?

TwoGrand is an allusion to the piece of instructional material you’ve likely viewed more than any other in your lifetime – the nutrition label, and it’s recommended daily value (DV) of 2,000, or “two grand” calories.

The DV is a sensible idea in theory – it provides context to rich information. Rather than wondering what “16g fat” means in your peanut butter, you can see that it’s 25% of your DV. So if you eat four servings of peanut butter, you’ll have reached 100% of your fat intake for the day.

But in execution, the DV fails because it’s always the same, and we’re all different.

Our bodies are different, our lifestyles are different, and few of us would reach our goals purely by following the recommended DV. In short, the DV symbolizes a lack of personalization – something we felt was characteristic of the consumer health industry as a whole, and a big contributor to our collective struggles with weight.

So while the name TwoGrand creates a quick connection to existing and familiar nutrition standards, it also serves as a continual reminder of what we’re trying to improve upon.

We recognize that your body type, your lifestyle, and your food preferences are gigantic factors in whether a routine will work for you. This philosophy forms the core of what we’re about.

No more buying fad diet books that claim 65-year-old men and 23-year-old women should adopt the same regimen. No more using apps and services that are 100% geared toward helping you follow their system, with no attention paid to individual differences.

No more pouring time and money into one-size-fits-all solutions simply because a better solution hasn’t yet been built.

We want TwoGrand to be that solution.

We don’t claim to have a proprietary methodology because we think it’s impossible for one system to work for everybody.

If 2,000 is the past and present, then TwoGrand can be the future – a personalized way forward. We’re thrilled to have you join us on our journey.

About YouFood

YouFood is the world's #1 rated health app. Let's eat better, together. Get the app - it's free! - on iPhone and Android: http://www.joinyoufood.com/main/open-app
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7 Responses to What Does the Name TwoGrand Mean?

  1. Chris says:

    Its funny how I knew why you called this twogrand without really knowing why. I dug up this post and sure enough… I love the app btw!

  2. Kate says:

    so I love two grand and have recommended a few friends who also love it. I just got a Jawbone UP24. It syncs with many apps and has a food tracking feature. It would be really cool if you worked with them to sync Two Grand entries with the food tracker on the UP. Just a thought 🙂

    • TwoGrand says:

      Hey Kate! Thanks for reaching out. Great recommendation. We have some awesome new features coming out in the next couple weeks. But we will look into your suggestion.

      -Stephanie and the Team at TwoGrand

  3. Rode says:

    Great app! I love that this is like a social network -FREE!- for all of us who are visual persons

  4. tglanghoff says:

    Hi! Great ap! But I entered some info personal incorrectly and I can’t figure out how to modify it!

    • TwoGrand says:

      Hi Trudy! First, there’s an Edit Profile button in the top right of your profile page. Try that first. If it’s info that’s not included on that page, then please shoot us an email at team@twogrand.com with the info you’d like to change! Thanks!

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