The Story Behind TwoGrand

In late 2010, I (Peter) was a few hours into a normal workday. I was head down, buried in some task, when a friend and colleague grabbed my attention.

“Hey man, what’s for lunch today?”

“Hadn’t thought about it,” I replied. “What are you having?”

“No, no, no. That’s not how this is gonna work,” he said. “See, my new diet is to eat whatever you eat, because clearly it’s better than whatever I’m doing.”

He was my height and just a little older than me. We worked out roughly the same amount. We clearly had a similar work schedule and environment. On most levels, you’d say we were pretty similar people.

Where we differed was weight. He was 35 pounds heavier than me.

As we headed out to lunch about an hour later, I couldn’t help but think there was something deeper in this idea. The wheels were turning.

Then and now, there are millions – tens of millions – of people who have a health routine that works for them. If you ask them what their “secret” is, they’ll likely say some form of, “I don’t really know, but it works for me and I stick to it.”

If that tribal knowledge could be extracted and applied to everyone who aspired to the weight these “guides” were at, then you’d have an ultra-personalized “playbook”, of sorts, for losing weight (or simply eating healthier) no matter your demographic.

I tucked the idea away, because in 2010 there wasn’t a simple-enough means (for the masses, at least) to input your meals and drinks multiple times per day.

Meanwhile, my colleague lost weight but quit after a few weeks because he didn’t like the foods I ate. That’s when I realized that food preferences matter quite a bit, too.

Fast forward to 2013, and our adoption of smartphones (with high quality cameras in tow) has enabled the type of simplicity and speed in meal entering that I always felt was necessary. Just take a photo.

I’ve had three years to observe and study the consumer health industry, and its failings have only made me more passionate to dive in and build something great. I found a business partner, Alex, who was equally passionate, and we set out to build TwoGrand.

The rest of the story starts now.

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