Why Our Philosophy is to Not Have a Nutrition Philosophy

TwoGrand is an app designed to help you achieve your weight goals, yet we don’t have a nutrition philosophy. And that’s the point.

We acknowledge this is contrarian, so bear with us.

Between 80 and 95 percent of diets fail, depending on which study you read. We see a lack of personalization as a huge contributor to this failure rate.

If the routine forces you to cook a ton, and you don’t like cooking that much, then it won’t work.

If the routine calls for buying a lot of expensive foods, and you don’t have a large food budget, then it won’t work.

If the routine isn’t fit to your body shape, then it won’t work. And if the routine means you’re eating and drinking a lot of things that don’t taste all that great to you, then it won’t work.

The list goes on.

Your body type, your lifestyle, and your food preferences matter. A lot. And to date, unless you have the time and money to pour into a personal trainer or nutritionist (most of us don’t), the diets you’ve tried aren’t molded to fit you.

So when we set out to build TwoGrand, we wanted to make the fact that different routines work for different people core to our product. You and I should probably not be following the same routine.

Having an overarching nutrition philosophy means you’re advocating that everyone follow a system or defined set of rules. While this has been how the industry has operated for centuries, we don’t agree with it.

You can’t take someone’s BMI and goal weight and run a calculation to say “this is how many calories you should eat every day.” There are too many individual differences. You can’t take the Atkins diet and say it’s going to work for a stranger you just met when you know nothing about the body, lifestyle, or food preferences of that stranger.

So we don’t have a nutrition philosophy. If we did, it’d be hypocritical.

What we do have is conviction that a solution exists for everyone, and that the emphasis must be on fitting a routine to every individual person, rather than asking every person to adopt a universal routine.

We believe the best way to find that routine is to A) Make your existing routine the foundation, and B) Improve by learning what works for people just like you.

That’s our philosophy. It’s not a nutrition philosophy. And we like it that way.

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